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(Original Title: Kinder Der „Exodus“– Geburtsort: Unterwegs)

70 years ago, the port of Haifa in Israel became the stage of a tragedy with political consequences. The ship “Exodus” moors at the quay. On board are more than 5.400 Jewish refugees. They are Holocaust survivors from Germany and Eastern Europe, with the desire to start a new life in “Erez Israel”, the country of origin of their religion. Among them: 650 children, born on the way.

But the survivors are not allowed to remain in the British Mandate. On three prisoner ships they are brought back to hated Germany.

During these dramatic months of 1947/48 at sea, 58 children are born. “On the way”, on board the “Exodus” and on the three British prisoner ships and later in the three “Exodus” camps. 
In Israel they are known as “Children of the Exodus”. Their biographies are closely linked to the events that eventually led to the founding of the State of Israel.

In this documentary several of these children tell their stories of hopes, dreams and fears. But also commanders of the ship and parents have their say and describe the  daily life on the Exodus, marked by fear and solidarity,

Experience the true story of a drama glorified by Hollywood that is closely connected to the founding of the State of Israel.

  • Written & Directed by: Dietmar Schulz
  • Camera: Ricardo Esteban Garzon Mesa
  • Sound: Ole Gurr
  • Editing: Lodur Tettenborn, Hans Kranich 
  • Production: Linette Zaulich, Eva Frank

A K22FILM production on behalf of ZDF and 3sat

Length: 45 min.

First broadcast: 15.05.2018