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(Original Title: Expedition Deutschland – Eine Zeitreise durch 500 Millionen Jahre Redaktion)

This exciting expedition leads to the most beautiful and amazing landscapes of Germany. Between the mountain ranges of the Taunus and the Westerwald we discover mysterious reefs from ancient time. In the Bavarian Forest we come across the remains of a gigantic collision of earth plates.

We show how the mangrove swamps on the site of today’s Ruhr area produced coal 300 million years ago, observe the formation of the Alps and visit the Eifel volcanoes during one of their eruptions 100.000 years ago. Natural disasters always cause destruction, but also lay the foundation for new developments.

In this two-part documentary, we use elaborate computer animations to experience the emergence of our landscapes at first hand. Leading scientists will help us understand the exciting geological processes at these hotspots, enabling us to see the known and unknown natural beauties of Germany with different eyes.

  • Autor: Ralf Blasius
  • Kamera: Conan Fitzpatrick, Steve Enste
  • Ton: Tobias Schinko, Nikolai Herrmann
  • Schnitt: Lodur Tettenborn, Susanne Dufner
  • Mischung: Peer Hoffmann
  • Spezialkamera: MIADOX, Rolf Ableiter, Heribert Schöller, Rudolf Diesel, Martin Rietze
  • Grafik: ZDF Digital, Philipp Morlock, Peter Ederer, Udo Jordan
  • Produzentin: Ellen Windemuth
  • Im Auftrag des ZDF
  • Länge: 2 x 43’00“
  • Erstausstrahlung: 22.12.13 (14.08.2016)
  • Written and directed by: Ole Gurr
  • Camera: Ricardo E. Garzon Mesa
  • Additional camera: Jan Hennemann, Garrit Pieper, Ciaran Ryan
  • Assistant director: Eva Frank
  • Research: Ann-Christin Krumm
  • Editing: Klaus Kübel, Alex Seip
  • Color Correction: Lodur Tettenborn
  • Sound design & mix: Peer Hoffmann, Fabian Helpenstein
  • Producer: Wolfram Giese
  • A k22film production on behalf of SWR
  • In cooperation with arte
  • Length: 90 min. & 2 x 45 min.
  • First broadcast: pending