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(Original Title “Geheimnisse Der Digitalen Revolution – Bit Stories“)

Mobile phones, laptops, office computers: today, computers have become essential part of our life. But how would a world without them look like? Obviously, a world without computers is not imaginable anymore. However, the origins of the computer are not so far behind. The development from a half-mechanical mainframe computer to a high-performance mobile phone occurs in less than a human lifetime.

The documentary series “Bit Stories” makes highly complex information accessible to the audience by means of expert interviews, archive material, and finest original footage. The look of the series is of high quality and discreet modesty alike. The focus lies on the impressions given by natural pictures and not on over-ambitious after effects. We follow no dogma – expect the one of elegance. This particular aesthetic can only be created by the camera itself, not in the post-treatment. Another great challenge of this production is to illustrate the invisible: for the inevitable re-enactments, retrospects, and describing montage-sequences we make use of an exciting form of presentation: Pixel Art.

  • Authors: Sebastian Nuss, Memo Jeftic
  • Cinematography: Nic Reed Middleton, Ricardo Garzon
  • Editing: Hans Kranich, Klaus Kübel, Rafael Metz
  • Animation: Bumblebee
  • Length: 6 episodes à 45 min.

A production by k22film on behalf of ZDFinfo

First broadcast: 07.01.2017