The South

The south of Israel encompasses the area between Jerusalem and Eilat by the Red Sea. David Ben-Gurion, as the first Prime Minister of the young country, had the vision of making the region, which is mostly desert, flourish. Today, thanks to innovative technologies, Israeli fruit and vegetable farmers are able to produce surpluses that they export to Europe. The desert has become a creative laboratory. But despite intensive cultivation, it still offers precious habitats for rare animals: Several million migratory birds on their way between Africa and Europe follow their route through the middle of the desert. Wolves, hyenas and sand foxes are on their way in untouched areas. And in the Red Sea, researchers are fighting to preserve one of the world’s longest intact coral reefs.

The North

The north of Israel stretches from Tel Aviv over the Sea of Galilee to the Golan Heights. Through intensive agriculture on fertile soils, the region has become Israel’s bread basket. The documentary is a voyage of discovery through a scenically and culturally diverse cultural landscape and to passionate researchers who mediate between farmers, animals and animal lovers in order to preserve the last wild areas. Wolves have found a safe home in the Golan Heights, gold jackals populate the parks of the cities, and large shark species migrate to the Mediterranean. 

  • Screenplay & Direction: Michael R. Gärtner
  • Camera: Conan Fitzpatrick
  • Additional camera: Yuval Dax, Ricardo Esteban Garzon, Stefan Greif, Gilad Guy
  • Editing: Klaus Kübel
  • Sound mixing: Peer Hoffmann, Fabian Helpenstein
  • Graphic: Mona Haffner
  • Cooperation: Martin Kirsch
  • Production management: Linette Zaulich

A k22film production on behalf of ZDF

In cooperation with arte

Length: 2 parts à 45 min First broadcast: 2018