The film tells the story of a polarizing reformer, occultist and self-made man who inspired the masses and whose influences we still encounter today.

Rudolf Steiner was and is known as the founder of the Anthroposophical Movement, whose rapid rise is unparalleled. But who was the private man behind the movement? Steiner developed a new pedagogy, the birth of Waldorf schools.
He founded a new form of natural agriculture, which he called biodynamic and which is still marketed worldwide today under the name Demeter. Together with the doctor Ita Wegmann, he launched anthroposophic medicine, which is still practiced today. He develops concepts for architecture and politics. He questioned the state and founded his own Christian community in 1922.

Where did he get all his ideas, which still have an impact in Europe and around the world today, but are still highly controversial? What were his key formative experiences and encounters? The documentary provides insights into the life of the man who created a myth, established his brand and built up a loyal following – and whose captivating life story few people know until now.

A Film by Anna Pflüger

A Production of K22 commissioned by ZDF in cooperation with ARTE

90 min | 2025