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(Original Title “Schlank durch Schokolade”)

Everyday, consumers are being fooled by dubious “scientific” studies. Whoever has science on his side can sell almost anything today: Whether it be yoghurt, cornflakes, milk, soy products – or diets. Honourable researchers have conducted extensive studies to “prove” so. But how scientific are these studies really?

The advertising slogans are promising, the results – however – sobering. Exceedingly few obese people lose long-term weight with diets. And yet, countless studies claim the contrary. Not just the major weight-loss companies such as Weight Watchers, but diet-finders like Monignac or Atkins refer to scientific studies, too. And the overweight people, who fail with their diets, are being blamed it be their own fault – since highly decorated professors officially “guarantee” a successful diet.

Diana Löbl and Peter Onnecken pursue the issue and expose how the diet industry in Germany and France systematically takes advantage of science. Doubtful studies are being published over and over to apparently fulfil a sole purpose: to boost business of the multi-billion Euro industry.

In Germany critiques even speak of a cartel of nutrition experts. Questionable diet studies are being conducted promising success within a short investigation period, yet fail to prove in long-term testing. The positive study-results are being publishes in renowned magazines and convince readers and physicians to recommend the according diets.

The authors of this film illustrate how well the “sails slogan of science” works by conducting and publishing their own diet study, which is so absurd that it actually cannot be taken seriously. Will they succeed to scientifically “prove” on fifteen probands that chocolate is the best diet accelerator ever? Will the “Chocolate Transformation” truly get you in shape?

  • Written and directed by: Diana Löbl, Peter Onneken
  • Camera: Jean-Marc Junge
  • Editing/postproduction: Karim Aberkane
  • Sound mixing: Peer Hoffmann
  • Research: Maria Anna Tappeiner
  • Producer: Wolfram Giese
  • Editorial cooperation k22: Christiane Fernbacher
  • Editorial office: Linde Dehner

A k22film production on behalf of ZDF

In cooperation with arte

Length: 52 min.

First broadcast: 05.06.2015