Award-winning documentaries from the fields of science and nature are just as much a part of our portfolio as high-quality image films and German versions of international documentaries.

Whether in script development, camera and sound technology or in postproduction – we cooperate with the best in their field. Together we guarantee original content, great pictures and a satisfied audience.

Our office is around the corner of Germany's largest television stations – Mainz is home to ZDF, SWR, arte, 3sat and their digital channels. We have been working closely with these local editorial offices for many years.

Wolfram Giese

Managing Director

I simply love the challenge. Yes, of course, I want to tell good stories. But the act of making the non-obvious obvious and the invisible visible is what makes me happy. I love our authors... and I love accompanying them on their way towards a good film. Stories are everywhere – internationally, nationally and regionally speaking. Science is my passion and there’s nothing more beautiful than communicating its secrets in an exciting way.

Eva Frank


Anyone who has studied biology and worked with monkeys in Senegal like Eva, will no longer be a stranger to anything human. Eva plans perfectly and loves to solve problems, no matter if it’s as a producer before the shoot, during the shoot or after the shoot. That’s just what she does. She learned this during her childhood and brought it to perfection as the captain of the Rüsselsheim RK hockey team. Eva likes to talk to other people, she can lead a team and if you don’t like Eva, you don’t understand the meaning of life. Oh, and by the way: she likes Riesling.

Lars Bockius


Lars is perfectly calm. He gets goose bumps from good movies. Lars has seen hundreds of high-quality documentaries and magically transforms English text into German lines. Lars likes to solve problems, he takes them in his hands, caresses them with all ten fingers until they are fully encircled and can no longer escape their solution. Lars works on contracts, calculates all sorts of things and penetrates the depths of the latest editing software. People say “still waters are deep”, well he would be a Mariana Trench.

Mona Haffner

Writer & Graphic Supervisor

Whoever knows her, loves her. Not everyone has learned everything there is to know about filmmaking early on like Mona (Ok, she was 20 when it all started). Mona knows just about every animal, every tree, every river, every mountain and every ocean. If she hasn’t been there herself, she’s at least researched everything about it. And that is exactly while ideas just continue to pour out of her. Ideas she can put to paper within minutes. But until these ideas become vivid films, she can easily bite her teeth out during the process. Which, as a convinced vegetarian, is actually good for her teeth. She’s always hungry for more, even when it comes to dealing with topics that aren’t easy to digest, such as rocks, she still manages to get them into the best transmission slots. And when typographical work gets too dull for her, she simply dives into the colourful world of graphics and animation.

Ole Gurr

Writer & Director

In actuality, Ole is a Jack of all trades or in other words: he cooks, brews beer, thinks of stories, guides cameras, travels with joy and is a night owl. If anyone has been able to turn night into day, it was definitely him. He has sacrificed his sleep on more than 300 night-shoots and was able to call tiredness his only friend on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, he’s friends with the day again. His never-ending creativity and extraordinary picture ideas are key ingredients in any great film.     

Ann-Christin Krumm

Multimedia Producer

Ann-Christin is a perfectionist. She continually strives to get to the core of everything she does, be it research, concept development, scouting, script writing and website development. She takes responsibility for what she does. Chaos isn’t her thing. Her love for diversity and innovation brought her to study something with Multi-Media in Switzerland. She skates better than all of us and loves to get things rollin’. And when she’s not on the board, film ideas about unusual life concepts are the source of her adrenaline. When she is speechless in the face of all possibilities that stand before her, she regains her voice in front of the speaker mic. Actually, Ann-Christin can do everything, but she doesn’t believe that yet.

Ricardo Garzon Mesa

Director of Photography

Where to begin, where to end? The biologist who left Colombia to become a cameraman. He wants to film animals with anything and everything: the time-lapse camera, the drone, the slider and the long lens from the tripod. But Ricardo also wants to tell stories, stories of landscapes and people. If the term curiosity had to be given a name, it would be called Ricardo. He doesn’t just shoot, oh no, he also cuts, screws and tinkers. He destroys and makes whole what has been destroyed. He doesn’t take the easy route for himself. Ah, yes, one more thing: When we go out eating together, he orders the same thing as Ole does. Ricardo is a family man, what to do? But above all Ricardo is a camera’s best dance.

Hannah Pehle


Hannah is the most lateral of entrants and she is extremely fast – not just on the bicycle she crossed the Andes with for half a year. She basically knows every hotel over there, no matter how remote or hidden it may be. We often ask ourselves how someone who studied political science and history was able to think their way into the weird movements of continental plates in South America so quickly and acquire the ability to control camera drones. We are glad to have freed her from the clutches of the UN, where she wrote expert reports judging the right of NGO projects to exist or not exist.

Max Knepper

Production Manager

Max isn’t a storyteller. Max is a legend. He knows more about the world than the world knows about itself. Max has searched through all the film archives, knows the prices for every film clip and has booked almost every hotel in the world. Max keeps order, likes to organise just about anything, makes appointments and Max loves nice cars. Whether its noon or midnight, he’s is always ready for action. But from 3 to 4 PM there’s no reaching him, because he’s on a walk with his dog.