(Original Title: Zwischen Wunsch Und Wirklichkeit – Wie Realistisch Ist Die Energiewende?)

Renewable energy is one of the best means against global warming. Accordingly, our complete energy system would have to be rebuilt. And that is a gigantic challenge.

Take wind energy, for example: 25 gigawatts of additional capacity would have to be added per year in order to keep the energy turnaround on schedule and meet Germany’s climate protection goals. But currently there are only 2.5 gigawatts of new wind power. And the wind turbine manufacturers are not to blame. The German Federal Government itself is putting the brakes on the transformation of the energy system – for cost reasons. But it doesn’t have to stay that way, because new elections will be held in September.

This documentary shows on example where the obstacles to the energy turnaround lie and which models have proven to be highly successful. And it explores the different priorities that the political parties have set for the implementation of the energy revolution.

  • Buch und Regie: Birgit Tanner, Wolfram Giese
  • Assistenz: Eva Frank
  • Kamera: Bastian Laucke, Oliver Vogt, Ricardo Esteban Garzon Mesa, Paul Pflüger, Ole Gurr
  • Spezialkamera: Garrit Pieper, Cirian Ryan, Ralf Blasius
  • Kamera- und Tonassistenz: Gisbert Poensgen, Erwin Vosse
  • Schnitt: Andrea Trüper
  • Tonmischung und Sound Design: Peer Hoffmann
  • Grafik: Media Atelier, Marc Freund
  • Produktion: Lars Bockius

Eine k22film Produktion im Auftrag des ZDF

Erstausstrahlung: 2017