The darkness transforms everyday locations into places that are almost magical. It reveals a different world that simply has to be seen and experienced – so much so that an entire film has now been dedicated to the subject.

Follow us on a journey through the night and see Germany from exceptional perspectives! Much hides in the dark but we were able to uncover the true face of the night with the help of innovative technologies. Immerse yourself in this truly remarkable adventure and discover the hidden sides of Germany!

Come with us on a journey through the illuminated streets of Germany’s beautifully decorated towns and cities. Experience the magical pre-Christmas season in Germany, where trees covered in snow and the smell of gingerbread will get you into the festive mood. See Germany from a different angle and follow the magic of Christmas.

Follow us to Germany’s incredible fairytale castles and enchanting gardens. Explore grand palaces, where kings used to reign and princesses found the love of their life. Go on a journey through the sparkling night and discover Germany’s romantic side.

On behalf of the  „Deutschen Zentrale für Tourismus (DZT)“