(Original Title: Deutschland bei Nacht – Im Zauber der Dunkelheit)

This film discovers in unprecedented images an unknown nocturnal Germany. It is a journey that has not been technically possible until now. Fascinating stories from nature and science show us what normally happens under the cover of darkness 

With state-of-the-art camera equipment we set off on a journey through Germany at night and encounter impressive natural phenomena like the light dome or glowing clouds in the twilight. 

But also in populated areas the nights in Germany are full of life. At the Festival of Lights in Berlin, which takes place every year in mid-October, crowds of people stream into the city in the evening hours. Christopher Kyba enters the hustle and bustle and marvels at the light show on Alexanderplatz in the heart of the metropolis. Elsewhere animals appear and go on a prowl under the protection of darkness. The same goes for the noctule bat, that spreads its wings when nobody seems to be watching. Martin Wikelski from the Max Planck Institute in Radolfzell is fascinated by these flying animals because of the signals they emit. They could be the breakthrough in explaining how diseases spread. For his research, he has to work at the darkest hours of night.  

  • Written and directed by: Ole Gurr
  • Camera: Ricardo E. Garzon Mesa
  • Additional camera: Jan Hennemann, Garrit Pieper, Ciaran Ryan
  • Assistant director: Eva Frank
  • Research: Ann-Christin Krumm
  • Editing: Klaus Kübel, Alex Seip
  • Color Correction: Lodur Tettenborn
  • Sound design & mix: Peer Hoffmann, Fabian Helpenstein
  • Producer: Wolfram Giese

A k22film production on behalf of SWR

In cooperation with arte

Length: 90 min. & 2 x 45 min.

First broadcast: arte: 13.02.2020 , SWR: 13.09.2020