(Original Title: Auf der Spur des Verbrechens -Forensiker im Einsatz)

According to the police, the clearance rate of murder and manslaughter in Germany is over 90 percent. Forensics, with its various scientific methods, plays a major role in the success of investigations.

The ZDFinfo documentary “On the Trail of Crime – Forensics Experts in Action” about the work of forensic entomology takes a look behind the scenes of spectacular crime hunts. Hidden behind laboratory doors and mostly in the basement of forensic institutes, universities and research centers, scientists reveal the evidence that lead to the conviction of the perpetrators. With their constantly evolving methods, forensic scientists have become true heroes in the fight against the “perfect crime”.

Since 1997 there has been a working group for forensic entomology in Germany. Entomologists are specialized in studying insects. Flies, maggots, and beetles found on a crime victim offer them crucial information about the time of death and other important details in the investigation of a crime. Anna Pflüger’s film examines these “corpse dwellers”.

  • Author: Anna Pflüger
  • Camera: Paul Pflüger
  • Cutter: Carolyn Haag
  • Sound: Daniel Mauthe, Thomas van Pottelberge

Eine k22film Produktion im Auftrag von ZDFinfo

Länge: 45 Min.

Erstausstrahlung: 30.10.2017