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Brave Heroes

Eight of the ten most successful movies of all-time deal with the fantastic. The fantasy epic “Game of Thrones” – the most expensive series of all time – is being broadcasted in 173 countries simultaneously. And “Harry Potter” claims a spot on the list of the ten most widely read books – alongside the Bible and the Koran – with over 400 million copies sold. Today, Fantasy is one of the most successful genres in the entire entertainment industry. The first part of the documentary series analyzes the hero as the protagonist and how his image changed over time. George R. R. Martin talks to us about his protagonist and how he characterizes them.

Magical Worlds

In “The History of Fantasy” we embark on a journey to the magnificent locations of the famous fantasy classics, we visit “The Shire” and the “Mount Doom” from “Lord of The Rings in New Zealand” and meet the goldsmith who made “The Ring”. Fantasy stories take us to mesmerizing realms and enchant us with mystical creatures. We meet the enthusiastic fan community and the visionary creators of this genre like Gary Kurtz, the producer of “Star Wars” and the “Dark Crystal”. Award-winning novelists such as George R. R. Martin reveal what inspired them to create their fabulous worlds. And we question how much these fantastic worlds mirror our real world.

  • Director & Writer: Viola Löffler
  • Camera: Conan Fitzpatrick, Niclas Reed Middleton, Ricardo E. Garzon Mesa, Philipp Klein, Jean Marc Junge, Boris Hölter
  • Editing: Robinson Krause
  • Illustrations: Lisa Henke
  • Animations: Pascal Nöldner, Ann-Christin Krumm
  • Sound: Elmar Szücs
  • Sound design & mix: Peer Hoffmann, Fabian Helpenstein
  • Producer: Wolfram Giese
  • Production management: Max Knepper, Eva Frank

A K22Film production on behalf of Arte

2 x 52 min

First broadcast: 25.10.2019