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(Original Title “Das Mikrobiom – Wie Körpereigene Bakterien uns vor Krankheiten schützen können”)

A multitude of microorganisms inhabit our body. Researchers have named the entirety of these bacteria, fungi, and viruses microbiom. Some even consider it a discovery of a new super-organ.

The number of bacteria, which especially populate the mucous membranes, the skin, and the gastrointestinal tract, exceeds the number of cells in the human body by ten times. Most of them don’t cause any trouble. And many of them fulfil important functions within our metabolism. But how do all these microorganisms actually come into and onto our body?

We will examine the following topics: Neurodermatitis, Lactus – Adventure In The Intestine, Primordial Microbiome of the Hadza, Hygiene Experiments, Forensics.

  • Authors: Michael Gärtner, Christiane Fernbacher, Anna Pflüger
  • Production: Wolfram Giese
  • Length: 6 episodes of 7 min. each
  • Programme: ODYSSO

A k22film production on behalf of SWR First broadcast: 2.12. 2015